Mission and Values

Vision: To actively participate in the development of the Brazilian economy by supporting emerging companies that have a technological base.

Mission: To create an entrepreneurial culture for technology based companies that have the abilities and skills to bridge the gap that exists between science and the market.

Values: Vision, ethics, results, transparency, proactivity and social consciousness.


  • Generate returns to the entrepreneurs and investors
  • Generate returns to society through the creation of qualified jobs, tax revenues, and wealth
  • Promote an integration of efforts by governments, universities, scientific and technological institutions, and the local business community
  • Actively participate in the realization of Brazil’s technological development  
  • Create a model for Brazilian seed capital investments
  • Be an active part of the country’s economic and social development
  • Encourage entrepreneurship and decentralize growth and wealth
  • Regionalize the concept and practice of seed capital
  • Encourage co-investments in the portfolio companies, primarily through angel investors that invest in each of the country’s geographic regions